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To ensure continuous growth as a major family-owned company that is respected and recognized in the communities in which it operates, with a focus on creating economic, environmental and social value through:

- Ethical values that guide responsible corporate conduct;
- Highly competitive businesses;
- Search for creative and innovative solutions for its portfolio;
- People motivated to perform at the highest levels.


Attain long-term growth with sustainable development.
Reach world-class operation and management standards comparable to those of the best global enterprises.


Votorantim's Values permeate all of its actions, decisions and relationships with its various audiences:

SOLIDNESS Pursuing sustainable growth and value creation.

ETHICS Always acting responsibly and transparently.

RESPECT Respecting people and always being ready to learn.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Growing with the courage to do, innovate and invest.

UNITY The whole is stronger than the sum of parts.


Cultivating Talents - We believe in and trust people, so we invest time and resources cultivating their talents.

Meritocracy - We believe that people are unique and, thus, deserve to be valued fairly and in accordance with their accomplishments and deliverables.

Excellence - We believe we can do more and better, overcoming challenges with discipline, humility, and simplicity.

Pragmatism - We believe that it is essential to concentrate efforts on what is relevant, in an objective manner without losing sight of the big picture and the future.

Open Dialogue - We believe that an environment of trust favors open dialogue and a forum to speak and be heard in, where a diversity of opinions can create better solutions.

Alliance - We believe our success is the outcome of the joint construction, strengthened by genuine relationships and win-win alliances.

Sense of Ownership - We believe in those who take-on responsibilities, who work with passion and walk the talk, celebrate achievements and turn mistakes into learning experiences.

Sustainability Principles

continuation and growth of its businesses in the long term, anticipating the motivations of interested parties, and incorporating them into its objectives. This means:

Being recognized by society as a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Having sustainability as a strategy, guiding corporate governance, management, education, decisions and investments – creating value.

Consistently improving economic, social and environmental results, pursuing efficiency and reliability in operations according to world-class standards.

Being recognized as a company that attracts, develops and retains talented people to generate value and build a fair and inclusive society.

Being committed to the well-being, health and safety of its employees, clients and partners.

Contributing to the development of the communities in which the Group operates.

Encouraging the cooperation and participation of all employees and interested parties in building partnerships and stimulating teamwork, in order to create mutual value.


Quality in human resources management is one of the pillars in the Votorantim Group's management model. In order to ensure such quality, the Votorantim Development System (SDV, in Portuguese) develops a culture of excellence in operations, focus on results, respect for the corporate values, adopting meritocracy at all levels.

Attracting and retaining talented people involves offering opportunities for personal and professional growth to all employees, as well as remuneration and benefits policies, health and safety, and quality of life.

One of the initiatives is the Academy of Excellence, which is a kind of corporate university which helps to develop leadership and technical improvement. The Movimenta Project completes the development model, organizing the mobility of professionals within the Companies of the Group.

The Alert Movement was created to ensure a standardized communication related to safety at industrial plants. It outlines the rules that can help preventing risk exposure. It complements the Golden Rules established to highlight specific procedures and to guarantee that operations are conducted according to the most rigid safety standards.